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Waste Water Level Sensor

Waste Water Level Sensor

Level sensor for use in waste water, black or grey, holding tanks. The level gauge indicates liquid level in the tank as it fills. The indicator gauge can be located anywhere in a boat, RV or vehicle. Accurate and simple installation. Available with either a ¾" BSP thread or a rubber bung for installing into a tank. If you would like the rubber bung option, please add it to your cart as well as the sensor.

This sensor is installed into the top of the tank with a drop pipe, so please include your tanks height when you order. More information on the types of gauge are available below.



Minimum 25 cm - Maximum 150 cm

Technical Information

This waste water level sensor will operate on either 12v or 24v D.C.

The unit works by measuring water pressure by the sensor probe. This is inserted through the top of the tank and screwed into a ¾" BSP socket or by using a rubber bung. The result is displayed on a gauge. We believe this is the most accurate way of presenting the information and makes it easy to predict the "number of days to empty". The gauge can be positioned anywhere in the narrow boat as required. Can also be installed in RVs. Suitable for tanks 25 to 150 cm deep.

35 mm is clearance is required to screw the unit into the tank.

Required clearance for the sender.

35 mm clearance is required to fit the sender into the tank.

Standard Graphics Gauge

A standard graphics gauge, backlit for when it's dark.