Used for Diesel fuel and Hydarulic Oil. NOT suitable for petrol. Diesel tanks are designed to comply with the requirements of ISO 10088 and 21487 of the Recreational Craft Directives (RCD) 94/25/EC.

We use prime quality high strength polyethylene plastic and innovative tank construction techniques to make durable bespoke diesel tanks. Polyethylene offers advantages over steel or aluminium in reduced condensation and the elimination of persistent corrosion seen in these materials, and the mechanical failure of flexible skin tanks.

All our tanks go through the same design process.
We have strict rules on plastic tank construction.
Choice of material and thickness.-this depends on the size of the tank.
Number and position of internal baffles- baffles impart great rigidity into the tank, they also reduce 'wash'.
All panels used in the construction of the tank are cut using computer controlled machines, all inlet, outlet and vent holes are also machined at this time. This ensures total accuracy for all parts is achieved.
We then assemble these parts using well proven extrusion welding processes to produce the finished tank.

Waste Water Tank

Custom Waste Water Tank

Every plastic diesel fuel tank we build is pressure tested. We are totally committed to making high quality and reliable tanks whatever the use may be.

A tank access is available on all tanks, it is a bolt down type and features marine grade stainless steel fixings and nitrile rubber gasket seal, Connection can be made through the lid such as fill, vent, return and level sensor. The tank access can only be positioned between baffles in an open part of the tank.

Diesel Tank Access Hatch

A built in access hatch for our diesel tanks. Available in custom sizes.

Diesel Tank Banjo Fitting

Banjo Fittings available for 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm copper and 5/16" and 3/8" copper pipe.

Brass Hose Tail

A full range of brass hose tail fittings from stock.

Tanks can usually be made to any format. Our basic design, construction and testing process will be the same for each tank. All we require is a dimensioned sketch indicating positions for inlet, outlet, vent and the sizes of the pipes being used. You can use our custom tank quote form to send us a free no obligation quotation request using some of our standard tank shapes. You can also upload and send your drawing to us here.

We have level sensors available for fresh water, waste water and diesel tanks on our tank level sensor page.

Plastic Diesel Tank Repairs

We have facilities in our workshop that we use for repairing plastic diesel tanks. If you have a damaged tank in need of repair, please email us with a picture of the damage and a brief description of the issue. We will contact you with more information. Our repairs have a rate of £95 plus VAT per hour. Please email us at Repairs must be completed in our workshop and therefore you must be able to transport the tank to us.