Made to Order Custom Vivariums

Enclosures for reptiles, snakes and lizards. Catering to all sizes.
Manufactured to the highest standards of craftsmanship, supplied complete with locking latches & discrete hinges. Tough, hygienic and easy to clean. We can make vivariums to most sizes that you require, please contact us for more information and a free, no obligation quotation.

Vivarium Door

Quality of finish by attention to detail. Our vivariums all have the same high quality finish.

Vivarium Door Lock

Secure lockable latches included with each vivarium.

Vivarium Door Hinge

Low profile hinges with dome head steel nuts provide a strong and durable hinge for your doors.

Why do we use polypropylene for our vivariums?

Polypropylene is tough, durable and warm and is extremely resistant to chemical attack.

We use an embossed finish for the outside because this is resistant to scuffing and scratching, keeping the external appearances in top condition. The inside of the vivarium is smooth, meaning it can be easily cleaned with any household or specialist cleaning product you may require.

Polypropylene is resistant to an enormous range of chemicals.* This means they are not absorbed into the material, so when the vivarium is cleaned there will never be any lingering odours left behind.

It is also a very tough material. This plastic will not crack or shatter when dropped or even when hit with a hammer!

* some chemicals do attack polypropylene. However, these are some quite dangerous chemicals and are not typically found in domestic cleaning products. If you have any doubts we can supply chemical resistance charts for all plastic that we use.

Custom Design & Flat Pack Vivariums

We also make many custom design vivariums. If there is a size you have in mind for a vivarium you require that is not listed in our standard products, please contact us either by email or phone with your dimensions and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quotation. Please note that custom design vivariums are not covered by our standard Vivarium Warranty