Made completely form recycled plastics, it's durable and environmentally friendly.

Hanit is a ground reinforcement product made from recycled polyethylene. It is THE solution for car parks, pedestrian and cycle paths, picnic areas, golf courses, parks, fire lanes, event areas, horse paddocks. this premium product is an environmentally eco friendly grid for ground staibilising. An alternative paving material for use in domestic driveways, Airfield runways, taxi ways, reinforcement of roadsides, banks, shores or slopes. Hahn-Pave provides a stable base that reduces the risk of slipping and prevents puddles. Hahn-pave for sustainable eco ground reinforcement that provides excellent water drainage. The material is UV stable, weather resistant, environmentally friendly, maintenance free and fully recycelable. Thanks to the unique interlock system, a sturdy construction is created with a load bearing capacity up to 236 ton/m² (tested unfilled).We calculate a fully loaded articulated truck will have a bearing pressure of 112 tonnes per wheel (tyre contact area) Hanpave is lightweight and comes as a pre-assembled, handy grid consisting of 9 tiles (1.0m²), making it quick to lay (approx 110 m² per person / hour).

Hanit Paving Hanit Paving