Hanit Paving

Made completely form recycled plastics, it's durable and environmentally friendly.

The Grass verge paving stone is THE solution for roadside reinforcement, parking lots, emergency run off areas, storage areas and campsites. This permeable tile is made from 100% recycled plastics and is extremely versatile. Although every application of the grass verge paving stone will be different, you are always assured of first class quality. The material is durable, acid resistant, UV and weather resistant, environmentally friendly, maintenance free and suitable for very heavy loads. Due to its low weight the Grass verge paving stone does not require special lifting equipment and can be easily applied. The product can be easily sawn to fit a specific shape. Grass verge paving stone can be filled with all sorts of material such as grass, sand or gravel.

Hanit Verge Paving
Hanit Verge Paving
Hanit Verge Paving
Hanit Verge Paving

    Installation Instructions
  1. First apply a 20 cm to 45 cm layer of aggregate consisting of 0 - 45 mm stone/gravel then vibrate this layer.
  2. Apply a levellng layer of sand 5 mm deep.
  3. Roll and flatten the sand layer.
  4. Install verge pavers. Allow for 2 cm expansion in every 2 m.
  5. Fill the holes with earth, gravel or sand.
  • Parking and driveways
  • Horticulture
  • Road construction: slope pavement, vehicle turning points
  • Agriculture: stables, outlet locations, storage places
  • Recreation: camping sites, airport
  • Horse industry: yards, horse stables, paddocks etc.