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Hanpave Installation

Hanpave Technical

technical Specifications
Grid Area
33.3cm x   33.3cm
GRID Depth
40mm depth requires less material to fill
General domestic car parking. Soil/grass mix or Gravel filled.
Ground stabilisation for footpaths and tracks, paddock gateways, green roofs, ditch and river bank stabilistaion.

Parking applications where axle weight more than 10 tonnes is needed such as trucks, coaches etc.

No. /m ²
Nine tiles
Load capacity
236 tons per square meter UNFILLED
Independently tested
Suggested use
Tracks and drives with Hanpave ground reinforcement grids correctly installed benefit from free drainage of the surface, the ground supporting grids prevent the wheels from damaging the soil structure and therefore maintain a level stable roadway.
On tracks or drives without Hanpave installed the action of the wheel going over the surface cuts ruts and dips into the surface. sub soils intermingle with the top surface preventing free drainage, stones and gravels get washed out and deeper ruts form
Cut Through Anatomy of a typical Hanpave installation
You can see here the simple construction layers of an rpave installation create stronger pearmeable grass car parking areas.The strong interlocking grids ensure positive ground reinforcement by soil stabilisation. The eco credentials of this plastic grid means it is fully recycleable after use.
1. Fill-in material
    (grass, gravel, mulch)

2. Hanpave Layer - made in England using entirely recycled plastic - it's eco friendly
3.  Blinding & levelling
To level any possible unevenness in the base layer and provide a rooting zone if planting grass.

4. Sub-base Material
Hardcore/ crushed stone

5. Geotextile membrane

Han-Pave Technical