What do we do?

We combine fluids (liquids or gases) with amazing efficiency!
Airmaster 's unique patented technology brings together fluids with control, accuracy and the least amount of energy.  The mechanism embodied in the Airmaster product line can transfer oxygen from air into water more efficiently than any other method. It can also move in the opposite direction to create humidified air.  It can be used to dose additives, treat effluent, blend oils, mix dyes and in conjunction with a responsive control device merge two or more fluids into a homogenous state.

How does it work?
The technology Airmaster employs is derived from the venturi.  But it is vastly different in design and performance.  Using the kinetic energy of a fluid flowing over a hollow insert within the Airmaster tube the device activates a venturi effect to induce a second fluid. However, while Airmaster applies the venturi principles, it is quite different from a conventional venturi.  A conventional venturi constricts flow to create a pressure difference.  The unique, patented design employed by Airmaster replaces the constriction with an obstruction.  While this also narrows the cross-sectional area of the tube to activate the venturi effect, the streamlined design of the insert reduced backpressure to a fraction of a venturi.  Apart from the obvious efficiency gains in energy and pump life there are a number of other features that distance Airmaster from a venturi.

The insert is hollow (reclaiming the valuable tube volume) with a fluid inlet pipe extending out-of-the-tube to atmosphere (for air induction) or a secondary fluid source.  Tiny holes are set downstream of the insert apex to align with the negative pressure point.  Air or the secondary fluid is induced through these tiny holes and delivered into the designed turbulence to ensure thorough mixing of the primary and secondary fluids. Small bubbles combine fluids and transfer oxygen more readily than larger ones.  A constant challenge in fluids management is to thoroughly disperse a small volume into a larger one.  Airmaster achieves this with effortless ease. Various Airmaster designs have been developed to facilitate controlled adjustment of the fluid flow rates.

Airmaster Venturi
Airmaster WMS water oxygenator and circulator
Protein skimmer
Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together fluids (both liquids and gases) with unrivalled efficiency and ease. 

We will achieve this by applying Precision Venturi's award winning patented technology using sound engineering principles and imaginative design. 

There are many potential applications for our pioneering technology in a wide range of industries.  To reach the broadest exploitation of our unique invention we invite collaboration with other parties interested in developing the exciting opportunities, both commercial and technical. 

Here you will find information and advice about innovative applications in Aquatics, Aquaculture, Process, Environmental and many other industries. Our mission is to bring together fluids (both liquids and gases) with unrivalled efficiency and ease.  We achieve this by applying Precision Venturi's award winning patented technology with sound engineering principles and imaginative design.  With applications growing from the invention of the new Airmaster "venturi" - a radical re-think of a 200-year-old fluids phenomenon - you are likely to find better ways of combining fluids.  Whether you are an aquaculturist, an engineer, physicist, student, system designer, agriculturalist or golf course manager you are likely to find something of interest in our site.  There are too many applications for our pioneering technology to reach that we invite your approach. Have a look around our site for ideas, solutions, options and opportunities.  Let us have your feedback! And stay in touch - we are moving fast!
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The Airmaster invention is a patented mechanism registered in the United States of America and the United Kingdom with Patent Applications pending in many other countries.  The following applies:

US Patent No: 6 170 978 B1
UK Patent No: GB 2263649

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