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AAPS500 Protein Skimmers

The AAPS550 design is aimed at ease of installation and maintenance.
The inlet and outlet are on opposite sides of the vessel (although for special builds these can be located as necessary)  The outlet direction can be rotated through 200 degrees to aid the convenience of pipe installations. A unique feature of all Henderson Protein skimmers is the foam outlet port. it is designed into the main flange of the skimmer header assembly, it allows for complete drainage of the foam collection cup and the position of the drain off pipe-work can be located as required by simply rotating the header assembly to the desired position. Access for cleaning the head is through an access port in the top of the skimmer head.
Another unique feature not normally found on this size of protein skimmer is the main access port located in the lower part of the vessel body.
Protein skimmer control valve
Protein skimmer foam outlet
Protein skimmer air inlet
protein skimmer waste drain ou
protein skimmer return pipe system
Protein skimmer model AAPS500
Foam Collection head assembly showing access portal and foam outlet

Foam collector head
Transparent housing for the cone and foam tube.
The inlet with adjustable ball valve
Our unique foam outlet

The outlet port can be rotated through 200°

The air inlet port. Always protect the air pump from water ingress by locating it higher than the skimmer
This port not used on AAPS model skimmers.

Out let flow control valve.
Protein Skimmers with Airmaster Aquafoil aeration

Pond skimmer
AAPS range of protein skimmers require connection to a water circulation pump only, this can be surface type or submersible. Even fractional horsepower pumps can effectively run these skimmers as the Airmaster Aquafoil generates very little back pressure and shows very little loss in flow rate. This makes them very efficient when compared to skimmers using conventional venturis'.

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Protein Skimmer
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Flow at 90 second retention time
Technical specification

Aquafoil Venturi
4150 l/hr  914 gall/hr


Aquafoil Venturi
5800 l/hr  1277 gall/hr


Aquafoil Venturi
9950 l/hr  2190 gall/hr



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