Operating within a flow range 5-16m³/hr the 40mm Aquafoil will induce between 1.5- 4.9 m³/hr of air on a constant basis. This performance is achieved with negligible backpressure compared to other methods. In controlled tests over the full range, a pressure loss of 0.19 - 1.55 bars was observed. Circulation systems usually require continuous pump operation. The efficient design of the Aquafoil mechanism reduces back pressure to negligible proportions essentially providing penalty free oxygen to the aquatic system.

Extensive testing in the Fluids Department of Hamburg-Harburg University has shown that the  patented 40mm Aquafoil mechanism can transfer oxygen into the water at a rate of 174 grams per hour at 10
m³/hr flow rate with 0.56 bar pressure drop. While operational circumstances differ from application to application, this rating outperforms all other aeration devices and compares most favourably with the economics of direct oxygen dosing.

Oxygenation rates vary dependent upon flow, temperature and water chemistry however, in normal operating conditions a single 40mm Aquafoil operating at 10
m³/hr flow rate can be expected to provide  4.1 kilograms of oxygen per day, Typically we run the WMS floating island at 15m³/hr  giving up to 6.2kg oxygen delivered per 24hr period.

Airmaster performance data chart
Airmaster WMS flow diagram
Airmaster WMS general view of unit
Airmaster WMS instal in a lake
'This device transformed our lake, the clarity is excellent and the fish are growing and breeding'

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