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Fresh Water In Line Level Sensor

Fresh Water Level Sensor - In Line

We are making some changes to our product range due to some components becoming obsolete. The change is applicable to water and fuel sensors, a new stainless steel diaphragm ensures that no fluids come into contact with the sensing element ensuring maximum reliability. Our offshore range, which is recommended for seagoing craft, includes freshwater and fuel units using our 0-10 volt stainless steel sensors. Our standard fuel units, which are 0-10 volt using the stainless steel sensors are suitable for offshore boats. The offshore sensors are a better quality product and give a better range of 0-10 volt output. They also work well with panels which are becoming increasingly popular.


Fresh Water Through Tank Level Sensor

Fresh Water Level Sensor - Through Tank

Level sensor for use in fresh water tanks. This through tank sensor mounts into a ½" bush at a low level of the tank where this is available. The gauge can be fitted away from the tank in a convenient location.

More information on the type of gauge are available below.



Technical Information

These fresh water level sensors will operate on either 12v or 24v D.C. Suitable for tanks 25 cm to 150 cm deep.

The sensors for these gauges are prssure sensitive, the gauge will show an accurate indication of the tank contents and, with regular shaped tanks, a consistent indication as the tank empties. If the tank is an irregular shape the level indicated may not accurately indicate the tank contents, but it will give a clear indication of when the tank needs refilling.

The through tank sensor is designed to be fitted into a threaded bush at the bottom of the tank with a ½" BSP thread. We would suggest that this is isolated with a shut off valve to assist with removal if necessary.

35 mm is clearance is required to screw the through tank unit into the tank.

Required clearance for the sender.

35 mm clearance is required to fit the sender into the tank.

Standard Graphics Gauge

A standard graphics gauge, backlit for when it's dark.