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Diesel Level Sensor

Diesel Level Sensor

Level sensor for use in diesel fuel tanks. The level gauge indicates the liquid level in the tank as it empties. The gauge itself can be located anywhere in a boat, RV or vehicle. Accurate and simple installation for plastic or metal tanks.

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Technical Information

This fuel level sensor will operate on either 12v or 24v D.C.

These products meet the requirements of the Boat Safety Scheme for diesel fuel when installed according to the instructions provided.

This sensor is designed to be fitted into a threaded bush at the bottom of the tank with a 1/4" BSP thread. We would suggest that this is isolated with a shut off valve to assist with removal if necessary. Although designed primarily for diesel fuel, this unit can also be used for liquids that will not attack brass or 316 stainless steel. We would highly recommend not using them for petrol or other liquids with ignitable vapors due to the flammability of fumes; this could be a fire risk with the amplifier. These units are normally calibrated by the customer after fitting the tank, but can be pre-calibrated to special order.

35 mm is clearance is required to screw the unit into the tank.

Required clearance for the sender.

35 mm clearance is required to fit the sender into the tank.

Standard Graphics Gauge

A standard graphics gauge, backlit for when it's dark.