PVC Sheet Fabrication

PVC Ducting, Fume Cupboards, Chemical tanks and Custom PVC plastic Sheet Fabrications

We manufacture chemical resistant tanks, ducting and
custom products by fabricating and welding PVC sheet plastic.

PVC or UPVC (Unplasticised -not flexible- Poly Vinyl Chloride) as it is also known, has very good chemical resistance making is suitable for a wide range of products used in industrial chemical process applications. We have a full database of which chemicals PVC fabrications can be used with. The maximum recommended working temperature for PVC is 60° centigrade.

This may be reduced depending on the type and concentration of the chemical being contained. It also has limited mechanical properties so consideration has to be given to the application the fabrication will be used in. PVCU can be joined by hot air welding and a filler rod and also solvent glued using proprietary adhesives

PVC fabricated tray

This custom fabricated PVC bund was pre-fabricated in 3m sections before being welded on site to make a continuous tray 51m long. It is designed to support a ferric sulphate pipeline and contain any leaks from this section of the pipeline.

Transparent PVC fabricated Tank

Manufactured from drawings supplied, this clear PVC cylindrical tank has a tangential inlet welded into the side of the vertical PVC cylinder. This clear PVC may also be used in machine guarding where organic solvents may come in contact.

PVC Welding
Fabricated PVC tundish
PVC custom ducting
PVC chemical tank
PVC tray
PVC fabrication
PVC fabricators
PVC welding on site

PVC Ducting

PVC Chemical Tanks

PVC Tundish

PVC Tundish with Polycarbonate cover


We stock a comprehensive range of PVC pipe and pipe fittings in both imperial and metric sizes
PVC Pipe & Pipe Fittings

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