Specialist injection welding repairs of splits, cracks, holes and punctures in plastic tanks.
Materials we can repair include Polyethylene, PEX, HDPE, Nylon, Polyamide.

We use the latest plastic injection welding equipment to repair plastic tanks, sprayer tanks, mud guards, fuel tanks, chemical tanks etc.

Our repairs are available as same day, next day or weekly services

If you have a damaged tank and want to know if we can repair it, please contact us with photos of the damage for us to inspect. Email all enquiries to sales@hendersons.co.uk or call us on 01362 683 364.

We require the tanks are brought to our workshop for repair.

Damaged Tank with hole

Hole in a sprayer tank

Tank with hole being repaired

Welding a patch over the damaged area

Hole repaired in tank

Finished Repair

Fuel Tank with hole

Fuel Tank with a hole

Fuel Tank hole repaired

Reapired Hole with plate