Polypropylene Tanks, Wet Benches, Bespoke Polypropylene Sheet Plastic Fabrications

PP Dosing Cabinet
PP Holding Tank
PP Holding Tank

Polypropylene is a versatile and resilient polymer. Its mechanical properties give it good impact resistance in the co-polymer form, whilst its stiffness contributes strength in both rectangular and cylindrical tanks. We machine profiles using CNC routers and weld sheet polypropylene using our 3 metre CNC Butt Welder and fabricate plates together using either extrusion or hot air and filler rod welding techniques. We stock 2 to 25 mm thick polypropylene sheet in black, white and beige.

Tanks manufactured in polypropylene can have flanged or screw thread sockets lifting points and access panels included in their design. Polypropylene is a member of the polyolefine group of polymers. It has excellent resistance to many chemical compounds and is a very good electrical insulator. Plastic fabrications of this material can operate at temperatures of up to 105° centigrade. We have a full database of which chemicals Polypropylene fabrications can be used with.

We stock Polypropylene sheet with either smooth or embossed textured surface finish in black and beige. The embossed surface has a leather grain appearance.The advantage of this finish is its resistance to scuffing and scratches if the product is subject to regular or rough handling.

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