Domestic Underground
Glue Socket Solvent Weld Pipe Fittings

An economical range of glue socket PVC plastic pipe fittings for below ground and above ground domestic waste water drainage, also suitable as ducting and for ventilation. Often used in garden pond pipework installations. Joints are quick and easy to make using pipe solvent cement in the socket and around the end of the pipe allows them to slide together easily to make a strong water tight pipe joint.

PVC pipe socket PVC drainage bend Bend  waste pipe 2 x glue sockets Bend 45  Waste Pipe
PVC Straight Socket glue
Bend 88°  2 x glue sockets for Waste Pipe
Bend 88°  socket - spigot Waste Pipe
Bend 45°  2 x glue sockets for Waste Pipe
Bend 45  socket spigot Tee solvent weld  Waste Pipe repair or slip socket Solvent weld reducer pipe fitting
Bend 45°  Socket - Spigot   Waste Pipe
Tee 45°  Solvent weld Waste Pipe
Repair or slip Socket Drainage pipe fitting
Reducer spigot x socket  Drainage pipe fitting
Waste pipe underground Tangit solvent weld pipe cement Pipe solvent cleaner  
  Waste Pipe
Solvent Weld Pipe Cement
Pipe Cleaning solvent degreaser

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