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Domestic Solvent Weld
Pipe Fittings

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A low cost range of solvent weld pipe & fittings. Designed and offered specifically for domestic waste water use. Also used in garden aquatic installations. Can be combined with either metric or imperial pressure pipe systems with the use of adaptor bushes

Knuckle bend Swept bend Swivel bend Obtuse bend Adaptor make thread Threaded coupler
Solvent Union Tank connector Straight Connector Cross Tee Swept Tee Junction Tee
Screwed Access Cap Socket Plug Vent Terminal Reducer Boss Adaptor Domestic waste pipe solvent weld
Pipe Clip Adaptor bush Strap Boss Stepped hosetail Slide Valve
Solvent Cleaner Gap filling Cement Pipe cement mastic for koi ponds   PVC Aquatic hose
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