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A low cost range of 'push fit fittings'. Designed and offered specifically for domestic waste water use. Also used in garden aquatic installations. Pushfit or ringseal fittings have a rubber seal fitted into the socket of the fitting. Inserting the pipe compresses the seal and prevents water leaking past, this type of fitting is quick and easy to install and is best used for drainage applications. 32mm to 50mm pipe and fittings are polypropylene They cannot be glued. 82mm 110mm and 160mm pipe is PVC as are the corresponding fittings.

Knuckle Bend Swept bend Obtuse bend Swivel Bend Swept Tee
Straight Coupling Threaded Coupling Tank Connector Socket plug Screwed Access Plug
Reducer Soil Boss Bend Push fit to solvent weld adapter Vent Terminal Pipe
Pipe Clip Adjustable Bemd Strap Boss Silicone grease silicone mastic
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