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Plastic Waste Water Sewage Holding Tanks

  •  We manufacture Black water holding tanks from 6mm  9mm and 10mm thick polypropylene or polyethylene. Our in house CAD design and CNC machining means we can produce a finished wastewater plastic tank from an initial customer sketch quickly and accurately.
  • We weld in all connections to the sewage holding tank. These are threaded sockets which can be fitted into the top tank, in sizes which can accept all standard hosetails or fittings which have a male bsp pipe thread. Pump out tank connections have an internal drop tube to low level inside the tank.
  • An access panel with gasket can be fitted as an optional item
  • Plastic Tanks can usually be made to any format. Our basic design, construction and test regime will be the same for each. All we need is a dimensioned sketch indicating positions for inlet, outlet and vent and the pipe sizes.  Use the on line form or download it  and if you need advice call our office
  • Level sensors are available we supply a sensor with a gauge to give a visual metered indication of tank levels.
  • We stock a comprehensive range of hose tail connectors, both straight and bent, plus hose pipe clips and brass and  speedfit pipe and fittings.
Plastic waste water holding tank
Black water tanks

Plastic Custom made waste water, black or grey water holding tank for boats, narrowboats, campers and RVs. Inland or offshore marine use in yachts.
Bespoke Plastic Sewage Holding Tanks.

Plastic tanks for Black & Grey Water.

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