PLEASE NOTE: All dimensions given for Hoses are typically INTERNAL DIMENSIONS unless otherwise specified. For example, a hose described as being 19 mm has an internal diameter of 19 mm. Please take note of this when buying hose and hose tails.

Smooth Bore Hose

Medium Duty Smooth Bore Aquatic Hose

A flexible PVC spiral wound reinforced suction and delivery hose. Suitable for fresh water and waste water applications.



Technical Information & Price List

All of our Medium Duty Aquatic Hose are made from black PVC.

All hoses are available only in 30 m rolls.

These hoses are suitable for fresh water and waster water. NOT SUITABLE FOR FUEL.

Code Internal Diameter (I/D) Pressure Rating Bend Radius Price (inc. VAT)
7017208 19 mm 6 bar 85 mm £
7017209 25 mm 5 bar 98 mm £
7017210 32 mm 4 bar 127 mm £
7017211 38 mm 4 bar 160 mm £
7017212 40 mm 3.5 bar 160 mm £
7017213 51 mm 3 bar 190 mm £