Sow Feeder

Suitable for Sows and Gilts
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Technical Information

The RSPCA Freedom Foods allows for the feeding of up to 10 pigs per feed space.

Our recommendation for the best grwoth rate of your pigs for feeding is for 4 - 6 pigs per feed space with these feeders.

Recommended to fix to a wall for stability.

Standard Feeders are suitable for indoor use. For feeders suitable for outdoor use, please see the Full Outdoor Feeder tab.

As shown to the right, the troughs are specifically designed so there are no awkward corners for feed to stick in. The front of the trough is specially strengthened with a wrap around panel which is welded then bolted in place. The front panel interlocks with the side panel and is welded and bolted into place to prevent separation.

  • Dimensions: All Sow Feeders are 1150 mm high and 450 mm deep.
  • Feed Spaces: 450 mm wide
  • Material: 8 mm Black Polypropylene.
  • Extras: Optional extras are available (Outdoor Lid, Rain Deflector Strip, Flaps etc.) - call for more information.
  • Custom Sows: If you are interested in a custom feeder not listed then please call us for a quote.
  • Dividers: All dividers fitted in multi space feeders are full height blank trough dividers. Conform with all welfare feeding regulations.
  • Feed Rate: All of our feeders have adjustable choke slides to regulate the feed flow from the hopper to the trough.
  • Pig Weight: Sows and Gilts

More information on feed space regulations here.

Sow Feeder Trough
Code Name Capacity (approx.)
SF/1 1 Space Sow Feeder 78 kg
SF/2 2 Space Sow Feeder 156 kg
SF/3 3 Space Sow Feeder 235 kg
SF/4 4 Space Sow Feeder 310 kg
SF/5 5 Space Sow Feeder 385 kg
SF/6 6 Space Sow Feeder 465 kg
Code Length (approx.)
SF/1 465 mm
SF/2 925 mm
SF/3 1385 mm
SF/4 1845 mm
SF/5 2305 mm
SF/6 2765 mm

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