Finisher Feeder

Finisher Feeder

Suitable for pigs Age: 8 weeks to 22 weeks Weight: 20 kg to 105 kg


Technical Information & Price List

The RSPCA Freedom Foods allows for the feeding of 8 - 10 pigs per feed space with these feeders.

Recommended to fix to a wall for stability.

Standard Feeders are suitable for indoor use. For feeders suitable for outdoor use, please see the Full Outdoor Feeder tab.

  • Feed Spaces: 300 mm wide
  • Material: 6 mm Black Polypropylene (White Polypropylene is available - call for more information)
  • Extras: Optional extras are available (Outdoor Lid, Rain Deflector Strip, Steps, Extra Capacity etc.) - call for more information.
  • Custom Finishers: If you are interested in a custom feeder not listed then please call us for a quote.
  • Dividers: All dividers fitted in multi space feeders are full height blank trough dividers. Conform with all welfare feeding regulations.
  • Feed Rate: All of our feeders have adjustable choke slides to regulate the feed flow from the hopper to the trough.
  • All of our pig feeders now come with a fixed choke. Adjustable chokes are available.
  • Pig Age: 8 weeks to 22 weeks.

More information on feed space regulations here.

Finisher Technical Diagram
Code Name Capacity (approx.)
FF/1 1 Space Finisher Feeder 42 kg
FF/2 2 Space Finisher Feeder 85 kg
FF/3 3 Space Finisher Feeder 125 kg
FF/4 4 Space Finisher Feeder 170 kg
FF/5 5 Space Finisher Feeder 210 kg
FF/6 6 Space Finisher Feeder 250 kg
FF/7 7 Space Finisher Feeder 295 kg
FF/8 8 Space Finisher Feeder 335 kg
Code Length (approx.) Price (ex. VAT) Price (inc. VAT)
FF/1 310 mm £ £
FF/2 610 mm £ £
FF/3 910 mm £ £
FF/4 1210 mm £ £
FF/5 1510 mm £ £
FF/6 1810 mm £ £
FF/7 2110 mm £ £
FF/8 2410 mm £ £

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