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Cages for Reptile, Snake or lizard, all sizes catered for
The best snake vivariums available, manufactured to the highest standards of craftsmanship,
supplied complete with locking latches & discrete hinges. Tough, hygienic - easy to clean.

Vivarium 6'

Snake Vivarium

We now offer a range of tough, durable polypropylene snake vivarium. All of which benefit from our extensive knowledge & understanding of plastics joining techniques, to provide you with the toughest, most durably stylish product available today.

reptile cage

Our 1800 x 600 x 44cm Double door, snake vivarium. So strong it can support 90kg!

reptile terrarium

Quality of finish by attention to detail Our snake vivariums all have the same finish!

snake vivarium

Secure lockable latches- our reptile terrarium also have this detail.

Discrete hinges fitted with dome head stainless steel nuts on reptile cages, snake vivariums.

Why we use polypropylene for our snake vivariums?

Polypropylene is tough, durable and warm and supremely resistant to chemical attack.

We use an embossed finish for the outside because this is resistant to scuffing and scratching, keeping the external appearance in top condition, whilst the inside is smooth, this means it can be totally and easily cleaned with any household or specialist cleaning product you choose.

Polypropylene is resistant to an enormous range of chemicals * this means they are not absorbed into the material so when the vivarium is cleaned there will never be any nasty lingering pongy odours left behind.

Tough - very tough this plastic will not crack or shatter when dropped, or even when hit with a hammer!

* some chemicals do attack it, but these a pretty nasty - not the sort of thing you would normally find in domestic cleaning products. If you have any doubts we can supply chemical resistance charts for all the plastic we use.

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