Dierenpark Emmen - Holland
The moat around baboon island is about 200m long 4m wide and 1m deep.
It is almost surrounded by trees.
The water is replenished as necessary but is not recirculated or filtered.
The maintenance of baboon island requires that it is hosed off a couple of times a week to remove baboon poo, wee and any left over food scraps.
All of this is washed into the moat.
Jan the zoo keeper explained that 'It gets a bit stinky, and we don't like it, also the people keep away'
Once a year in the autumn the moat is drained, and all the muck and leaves are dug out by hand before it is refilled with fresh water. This job takes several men about a week.
Jan decided on a different approach, he ordered an Airmaster WMS. When it arrived it was immediately installed into the top right area (see picture) of the moat and switched on.
Within three days the bad odour was gone, a few weeks later the water in the moat became clear.
In the autumn the moat was drained for the annual clean out, except there was nothing to clean, the moat was clear, no muck and no leaves.

Dierenpark Emmen Case Study

An aerial view of baboon island

The Airmaster WMS located near the wall

This was quite good, as the savings on labour for this one job paid for the Airmaster WMS.

It was decided to try the Airmaster WMS in different ponds and lakes around the zoo, most are used as natural barriers to keep the animals a people apart, and most were in a  scummy and lackluster state.
Wherever the Airmaster WMS was installed, within days a transformation occured, the water quality improved and malodours disappeared, except back at baboon island. It had been 6 weeks.
 Up to their usual bad habits, the baboons managed to revert the moat back to the status of a medieval midden, it was repelling staff and visitors with ease, Jan was ordered to return the Airmaster WMS.
He explained to me that the WMS was re-installed on a friday evening an by the monday the bad smell has gone, a few weeks later the water clarity returned, the lady zoo keeper in charge of the baboons will not let anyone take her WMS away.

Dierenpark Emmen baboon Island
The white line shows the moat
Moat cleaning
Water aerator for moats
Lake water in poor condition
Lake water after treatment
Henderson Airmaster Logo
Hendersons pond water circulator