Airmaster WMS Pond & lake Aerator

Many Lakes and ponds have water quality problems including algae, scum, stagnation and odour.
The need for simple cost efficient solution can be found in the Airmaster WMS pond and lake aerator.
This compact unobtrusive device sits quietly in any pond or lake- ornamental or natural whilst regenerating and enlivening water quality.
Our approach has been to incorporate the proven technology of the Airmaster aquafoil into a powerful recirculation device.
The compact size of the Airmaster WMS belies its' ability to efficiently destratify, circulate and oxygenate and transform large amounts of water at amazingly low cost.
So algae, scum, odour these problems can be eliminated without recourse to water changes or expensive chemicals or labour-intensive hand cleaning methods.
Prevention is always better than cure and Airmaster WMS achieves a harmonious balance with nature quietly, efficiently and economically.

  What the WMS achieves:
  Below the water level
  • Oxygenation at depth priming a natural life cycle
  • Generating circulation to ensure total application
  • Promoting de-stratification to bring "dead" water into circulation
  • Ventilating trapped negative gasses that pollute water
  • Returning water to a healthy aerobic condition
  Above the water level
  • A fountain of your choice with lighting and special features is available as an option
  Additional options
  • Foam Fractionation (purification) and dosing    arrangements can be included
  Flexible design and additional products
  • The Registered Design illustrated here embodies pump(s) and the patented Airmaster aquafoil with flotation chambers in a flexible innovative scheme that enables wide application in a variety of sizes and configurations.
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