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PVC Tee FP x FT x FP

Imperial PVC Tee x FBSP

Imperial tee with 2 glue sockets (FP) and 1 female BSP (British Standard Pipe) thread (FT) on the branch of the tee. All sizes are internal dimensions of the sockets. 10 bar working pressure. The sizes listed are the most common sizes, for other sizes please call or email our office.



Technical Information & Price List

Made from PVC-U, has 2 glue socket connections and a female british standard pipe thread on the branch. Works up to a maximum pressure of 10 bar.

Please note that the measurements for these fittings will not match a measurement from a measuring tape. Please use our pipe size chart to check what pipe size you may have.

Code Internal Diameter of Plain Sockets(I/D) Branch Thread Size Pressure Rating Price (inc. VAT)
169750 ½" ½" 10 bar £
169751 ¾" ¾" 10 bar £
169752 1" 1" 10 bar £
169753 1¼" 1¼" 10 bar £
169754 1½" 1½" 10 bar £
169755 2" 2" 10 bar £