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PVC Adaptor MP x MT

Imperial PVC Adaptor Spigot x MBSP

Imperial adaptor with 1 glue spigot (MP) and 1 male BSP (British Standard Pipe) thread (MT). All sizes are external dimensions of the spigots. 10 bar working pressure.



Technical Information & Price List

Made from PVC-U, has a glue spigot connection and a male british standard pipe thread. Works up to a maximum pressure of 10 bar. The glue spigot part of this fitting WILL NOT FIT inside or around a pipe of the same size but will fit into other female socket fittings of the same size.

Please note that the measurements for these fittings will not match a measurement from a measuring tape. Please use our pipe size chart to check what pipe size you may have.

Code External Diameter of Plain Spigot(O/D) Thread Size Pressure Rating Price (inc. VAT)
169760 ½" ½" 10 bar £
169761 ¾" ¾" 10 bar £
169762 1" 1" 10 bar £
169763 1¼" 1¼" 10 bar £
169764 1½" 1½" 10 bar £
169765 2" 2" 10 bar £