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Fordham Bowl drinker

Double sided Extra Capacity and Special Grower Pig Feeders

Custom Made Grower Pig Feeders are made to cater for customers individual requirements. They can be altered in height length and width either single or double sided. We have made feeders with capacities of up to 2 tonnes. Please call us with any questions. Tel. 01362 683364

Recommended number of pigs per feed space 6 to 8
(more on numbers of pigs per feed space......)

Feeder dimensions:
high x deep x length - you decide

Full height blank trough dividers are fitted in all multi-space feeders as standard. These conform with all welfare feeding regulations.

Adjustable choke slides are fitted to all feeders as standard, these regulate the feed flow from the hopper into the trough.

Piglet nipple drinker

Double Sided Grower Pig Feeder GF/10D
1200mm high

Pig drinker bracket
pig drinker wall bracket

Double Sided Grower Pig Feeder
1200mm high x 1100wide and on skids

Single Sided Grower Pig Feeder
1400mm high

PVC elbow
Ecogrid E50

A view inside a double sided
Ad-lib Pig Feeder

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