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We are plastics fabricators,we machine, form and weld plastic sheet, plate and components to make useful, durable and reliable products, we have over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience and offer free no obligation quotes. We offer products listed in the design categories above, if you require something different please call us or e.mail to discuss or send a sketch or drawing.

Henderson Plastics Ltd, Lyng Hall Road, Wood Norton, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 5BJ Tel 01362 683364
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recycled plastic ground reinforcement grids
Plastic pipe and valves
Foam Fractionator
retail display tanks for coldwater fish
Animal Feeders
animal water bowl automatic
Livestock Feeding and Drinking Water Equipment
Pipe and Pipe Fittings in PVC Pressure - Imperial and  Metric Systems. Domestic Waste Systems, MDPE Compression, Brass Threaded Fittings
Ground Stabilising Interlocking Grids Plastic Posts Beams Decking and Rails Plastic Boards  all from recycled material
Water Filtration and Aeration Systems.
Foam Fractionation custom made. Floating Pond and Lake oxygenation equipment
Vivarium  manufacture.
Ready made or Flat- Pack self assembly.
Custom designs available
Kitchen and Worktop Routing Jigs
Budget to Tradesman ranges
Cutters Clamps and Colorfill
Plastic sheet Welding and Fabrication
Custom made rectangular and cylindrical tanks. Prototype to production.
Tank Repairs.
 Custom made Plastic tanks for Potable and  Waste water. Boats Yachts RVs Trucks and caravans. Diesel tanks.
Custom Manufacture of  Fish Display Tanks and Aquariums
for Retail, Domestic and Commercial use

Henderson Plastics Ltd
Lyng Hall road
Wood Norton
Norfolk UK NR20 5BJ

Tel:01362 683364

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